Indulgence is a noble art

It rewards both the giver and the taker.

Our Almwies’n SPA is the result of careful selection. Stephanie Lichtmannegger has lovingly investigated which materials and objects do justice. Abundant wood. Earthy colours. Gentle lighting. Candlelight. A place of peace and strength at the same time.

Relying on our own care range, the Rehlegger Kräuterfee, and the exclusive Ligne St Barth SPA brand, our Almwies’n SPA offers selected beauty and wellness treatments.


360° view

Almwies'n SPA 05
Almwies'n SPA 02
Almwies'n SPA 03
Ruheraum 02

Mint, Melissa, Rosmary and Marigold

Our Rehlegg herb fairy really does exist. Doris Hasenknopf is a certified herb pedagogue. Herbal lore is her vocation. On the Rehlegger Leit’n, just behind the hotel, is where she finds real treasures. Carefully and cautiously. Her medicinal herbs and medicinal plants are processed into Rehlegger Kräuterfee products according to strict ecological guidelines.

Almwies'n Spa Detail 06
Almwies'n Spa - Kräuterfee
Spa Ruheraum

Exquisite, Exotic, Herbal

Berchtesgaden’s Alps and the Caribbean, mountains and seas. Different and yet the same. The natural products in Ligne St Bath – fresh fruits, plants, blossoms, selected oils, essences of pure bourbon vanilla – are also processed according to their unique effect in a manufacture on an island of the Lesser Antillas.

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