Humans have been walking since they could stand

Hiking is one of the most agreeable forms of movement.

Day breaks. Mountain silhouettes adorn the sky. The dew still rests on the meadow. It’s an uphill climb. Continuous. Through woods. Via paths. Along bubbling mountain brooks. The Rehlegg is not called Berghotel (mountain hotel) for nothing. Ramsau is not a Bergsteigerdorf (mountaineering village) without reason. Peaks and tours are available in abundance here. Gentle and demanding. Berchtesgadener Land boasts over 1,000 hiking kilometres, 190 of them in Ramsau. 30 of the tours start right outside our front door.

We provide you with rental hiking sticks and rucksacks for your hiking holiday in Berchtesgadener Land. We put you in touch with mountain and hiking guides. We reveal our favourite tours and tell you where the most primeval alpine huts are located. We are Natur-Vital hosts and offer free, guided excursions

Natur Aktiv Wandern Ramsauer-Kirche
Natur Aktiv Wandern Detail 06
Wandern Detail 02

Gentle steps through the mountains

And with momentum up to the alpine pasture

Cowbell’s ringing. Jug upon jug of fresh milk. Happy grasshoppers. Fragrant, whispering pine trees. Then silence in the mountains again. Those wandering between valley and peak in the Berchtesgaden Alps will say in the evening: Every day should be like this. We have six suggestions for you.

*Wimbachschloss/Wimbachhütte *Halsalm *Mordaualm *Zauberwald *Bindalm *Ramsauer Soleleitungsweg

Demanding tours very high up

The Watzmann is our king

Mountaineers say: The Watzmann is the most beautiful mountain in Germany. We say: They’re right! It stands in the middle of the only alpine national park in Germany. The ascent via the east wall is reserved only for the best. Normal mountaineers manage to reach the Watzmannhaus as well. Our via ferrate are challenging. They are our TOP tours in Berchtesgadener Land.

*Watzmannhaus *Blaueishütte am Hochkalter *Gotzenalm *Litzlalm * Grünstein via ferrata*Hochthron via ferrata

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