Hot and Cold. Sweating and Relaxing.

In our sauna world.

Prehistoric rock that glows. And then hisses and seethes and moans when submerged in water. It emits its valuable minerals to the steaming air. A wood-fired sauna is an archaic experience.

The Brechel bath is mild, almost mellow. The floor is covered in broken fir branches. They tickle the soles of the feet. And are redolent of mountain forests.

Ice fountain and vichy showers are cooling after a hot Finnish sauna. A freshness boost. And then: relax, instead of just lying there in the natural brine infused Salzstadl or in the Almstüberl waterbed.

The new sauna hut in the outdoor area is a "textile sauna"(your wear cloth). Its south side has a glas front and offers a great mountain view to no end.

* Wood-fired sauna (40°C, humidity 50-60%) * Brechel bath (50°C, humidity 60-70%)* Finnish sauna (80°-90°C, humidity 3-8%) * Infrared sauna (heats the body temperature by 1°-2°C ) * steam sauna (43°-46°C, very high humidity), outdoor/textile Sauna (70° C)

360° view finnish sauna and steambath
360° view Brechelbad and shower 

Sauna im Rehlegg
Außensauna detail
Saunawelt Sauna 01
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