Enough four-leaved clover for everyone

Summer sun and warm rain

The morning is fresh and clear. Blades of grass sparkle like small diamonds in the first rays of sun of the day. Spiders thread dainty pearls in their delicate web. The air is fragrant with flowers and clover. They need four leaves for you to make a wish. On another day wafts of mist are drawn up the mountain slope. Clouds densely shroud the peak and are reflected in Lake Hintersee. Fine raindrops fall. The forest floor steams after the cleansing storm. No summer in the Rehlegg is ever the same but they’re all beautiful – in their own way.

Sommerurlaub im Berchtesgadener Land - Almwanderung
Natur Aktiv Sommer Funtensee
Natur Aktiv Sommer Wimbachklamm
Sommerurlaub im Berchtesgadener Land - der Hintersee
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