Enough four-leaved clover for everyone

Summer sun and warm rain

The morning is fresh and clear. Blades of grass sparkle like small diamonds in the first rays of sun of the day. Spiders thread dainty pearls in their delicate web. The air is fragrant with flowers and clover. They need four leaves for you to make a wish. On another day wafts of mist are drawn up the mountain slope. Clouds densely shroud the peak and are reflected in Lake Hintersee. Fine raindrops fall. The forest floor steams after the cleansing storm. No summer in the Rehlegg is ever the same but they’re all beautiful – in their own way.

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Natur Aktiv Sommer Funtensee
Natur Aktiv Sommer Wimbachklamm
Hintersee 01

Saddle pleasures for cyclists

From fitness fanatics to adventure bikers

Leisurely trails through forests and woods. Fierce snappers. Contemplative descents. Rapid trails. Cycling in Berchtesgadener Land is varied, colourful. And anything but completely flat. But don’t worry, in Ramsau you can also rent out electric bikes.

No end of Mountain biking

The sweat has to run

Mountain biking between Mount Watzmann and Lake Königssee. That’s like ice cream with whipped double cream. Like the first mild summer evening. Simply indescribable, unforgettable. One person is happy with a climb to an alpine meadow, whereas another prefers to really let rip. Example: the major Watzmann-Hochkönig tour. 437 kilometres and 11,535 elevation gain. In ten days. Our other mountain biking routes.
*Gotzenalm *Litzlalm *Rund um die Reiteralpe (Around the Reiteralpe) *Rund ums Lattengebirge (Around the Lattengebirge) *Kührointalm

Cycling made easy

So it seems to roll by itself 

Using the e-bike takes very little muscle power. The natural pedal motion is supported by a motor. Berchtesgadener Land is movelo region. In Ramsau we have bikes for hire and an overview of all charging stations.

These are the most popular family and excursion tours

*Familien Radweg Süd  (Family bike path south)* Familien Radweg Nord (Family bike path north)*Der Berchtesgadener Radstern Süd, West, Nord, Ost (The Berchtesgaden South, West, North, East Wheel Spokes)

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