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The Rehlegg – Not your run of the mill hotel

The people in Ramsau have always been considered headstrong. We don’t exempt ourselves from this: We deliberately go out on a limb, on topics that are important to us. For example when it comes to sustainable tourism. Or an appreciative and responsible way of dealing with people. And because the Rehlegg has grown slowly, we are optically not your run of the mill wellness hotel. We have the old alongside the new, traditional alongside modern. And often things looks very different around the next corner. Become part of our story – we look forward to seeing you.




Küche um 1929 Köchin mit Jungen in Tracht
Rehlegg 1950
Bauernstube 1950
Küche um 1929 Köchin mit Jungen in Tracht
Rehlegg 1950
Bauernstube 1950

Our history  

Once up on a time ….

In 1454 the Rehlegg was a rustic farmhouse. In 1917 Sebastian Lichtmannegger bought the property for his family. In addition to agriculture, he and his wife ran a small haulage company and they started renting guest rooms. In 1938 the Rehlegg had 30 beds and for an overnight stay with breakfast they charged 2.40 Reichsmarks. Included to this was, even a little bit of glamor: The UFA film company was booming and one of the there films was being shot on the farm. Over the decades, we Lichtmannegger’s have continued to expand and reinvent the Rehlegg. Into the 4-star superior hotel that we are today. With 87 rooms and suites, restaurants, outdoor pool, indoor pool, SPA and large sauna area. But even so a lot has changed during the last 100 years: the former farmhouse is still in its place.

Our history


Unsere Geschichte


Das Nachbarhaus gesehen von der Terrasse
Baumpflanzhotel vom nachhaltiges Hotel


We love green

Tourism and sustainability – is that possible? Yes ofcourse! In order for you to go on your vacation with a clear conscience, as a sustainable hotel we rely on renewable energies and try to avoid waste wherever possible. Clothing that you can buy in our hotel shop has been produced sustainably. Since 2017, overnight stays at the Rehlegg have been climate-positive, because we bind more CO2 than we emit. In order to compensate for our own residual emissions, we actively participate in afforestation in Panama. We were honored for this by Viabono, the specialist organization for environmentally friendly travel. We are also participating in the regional mountain forest offensive and are the first hotel in Germany to invest in humus certificates.


No to “Cheap meat”

We are buying expensive for you. This goes not only, but especially for fish and meat. Because we have deep respect for all living things. Every animal should have a good life – from the beginning to the end. That is why we attach great importance to species-appropriate husbandry and respectful rearing. The Augsburg chickens, for example, which we obtain from our partner company in Bayerisch Gmain, are allowed to move freely in the green meadow, and male chicks are not killed. Every year, we invest a six-figure sum into this conviction. Therefore you can be sure that we will take good care of your food with a lot of commitment.


Schafe auf der Weide
Schwarzealpenschweine auf der Wiese
Augsburger Huhn
Schafe auf der Weide
Schwarzealpenschweine auf der Wiese
Augsburger Huhn


Prime addresses

We don’t just know where our food comes from. We know the producers personally.
Klaus, Sepp, Doris. All partners who come from the area and whom we trust.
Once a year we invite everyone to come and chat: to share experiences, to socialize.
And we are very pleased that more and more of our guests want to know where we source our food from.



Kelterei Stadler

Brettacher apple, Rhenish bean apple, Graham’s anniversary apple, for Michael Stadler, fruit is not just fruit. Around 1,600 trees grow on the 800 meter high yard of the industrial master for fruit juice, drinks and food. Many of them are old and traditional habits. The Stadler family has been making fruit and juice mixes since 1929, ‘a large part of the injuries from our own cultivation and is organic and NaturLand quality. Michael Stadler is the third generation to run the business. In 2014, a new company came with “Watzmann quality drinks”. Here, without exception, purely natural raw materials are used instead of standard industrial raw materials with artificial additives. Have you already tried a Watzmann organic Alpine lemonade?


A neat thing

As a sustainable hotel, effective microorganisms, EM for short, are used at the Rehlegg. The products are non-toxic, wastewater-friendly and do not irritate the skin. In addition, effective microorganisms eliminate odors instead of artificially masking them. In the end, the cleaning water can even be used for watering house plants or for sewage treatment. Thanks to EM, we can save the environment tons of chemical cleaning agents. And create a pleasant and healthy living environment for our guests.


Ein Bett wird gemacht
Eine Gabel wird eingedeckt
Ein Bett wird gemacht
Eine Gabel wird eingedeckt
Familie Lichtmannegger
Franz Lichtmannegger
SPA Mitarbeiter


All nice People

The best reward for us is, when we see happy guests walking through our house. And because one can’t do everything themself, we have employees around who think exactly as we do.
Who have often been loyal to us for a very long time. Really dear people who are just waiting to do something good for you. The whole Rehlegg family welcomes you!

Unsere Leut im Rehlegg

is the Rehlegg herbal fairy, no herb that she doesn’t know.

Richard Mahringer

is the man for our numbers and always here to help with word and deed.


takes care of your reservations


runs our reception since more than 30 years


Nina takes care of  your well-being at the SPA


cares for a smooth running of the restaurant.

Katrin Panzenhagen

ensures your rooms are cosy.

Our Awards

We are really proud of them. Because they show that the world’s most critical jury – our guests – are satisfied with us.
And they prove that it works:
environmentally and climate-friendly travel.